Celebrating Greatness and Excellence: The Winners of IRL Awards 2022

It's the moment we've all been waiting for! The winners of IRL Awards 2022 have finally been announced. After an exciting year ful of exciting moments in gaming, e-sports and content creation, Tier One Entertainment announced the winners in a glamorous awards night that happened last December 12 at Oasis Manila.

Some of the your favorite gamers, vloggers and e-sports personalities don their Oscars-inspired outfits. Thanks to their hard work and dedication to what they do, some of them received awards.

Even Josh Cullen of SB19 was present during the awards, as well as the big winner of the night, actress and now Tier One Talent. Sharlene San Pedro with 3 awards.

The awards were hosted by Bogart The Explorer and Aya Ezmaria.

A total of 68 awards were given out to the best gamers, streamers, shoutcasters and vloggers.

To cap off the awards night, Tier One talents and club DJ's  Bandit and Sigrid did a set in which everyone enjoyed while dancing ang singing along to every song that they played. 

Without further ado, we present to you the winners of IRL Awards 2022. Congratulations to all of them!

Above and Beyond Award - Dexie Diaz &  Cong TV

Amplfy Program Ambassadorship Award - Anj Gaming & Donnn

Caster of the Year (Mobile) - BurgerKim

Caster of the Year (PC) - Kalbz

Esports Host of the Year - Lykable

Esports Captain of the Year - OhMyV33nus

Esports Mobile Gamer of the Year - Bulldog

Esports PC Gamer of the Year - Galawang Osas Bata

Esports Personality of the Year - Tryke Gutierrez

Esports Phenomenal Coach of the Year - Dex Star

Esports Professional Player of the Year - Wise

Facebook Partner of the Year (Female) - Anj Gaming

Female MVP (Apex Legends) - Dexie Diaz

Female MVP (Call of Duty: Mobile) - Anj Gaming

Female MVP (Dota 2) - Biancake

Female MVP (GTA V) - Shola Hey

Female MVP (Mobile Legends) - SolidAngela

Female MVP (Valorant) - TisayGaming

Instagram Creator of the Year (Female) - Sharlene San Pedro

Instagram Creator of the Year (Male) - CongTV

International Creator Award - Hakken

Male MVP (Apex) - Pabbie Gaming

Male MVP (CODM) - Donnn

Male MVP (Dota 2) - Kuku

Male MVP (GTA V) - Galawang Osas Bata

Male MVP (Mobile Legends) - Bulldog

Male MVP (Valorant) - Boss Maw

Male MVP (Wild Rift) - Elie Gaming

Outstanding Amplfy Creator - Donnn

Prodigy to Tier One Talent - Bulldog & Sharlene San Pedro

Rising VOD Creator of the Year - Fuego Gaming

TikTok Creator of the Year (Female) - Dexie Diaz

TikTok Creator of the Year (Male) - JunnieBoy

Twitch Streamer of the Year (Female) - MaggieKarp

Variety Streamer of the Year - MaggieKarp

YouTube Partner of the Year (Male) - CongTV

YouTube Partner of the Year (Female) - Sharlene San Pedro

The IRL Awards 2022 was a celebration of all things gaming, and a recognition of the hard work and dedication that goes into making a successful career in the industry. For the winners, it was a well-deserved night of recognition and celebration. For the rest of us, it was a reminder that anything is possible with enough passion and determination.

In a message by Tryke Gutierrez, he said "You are part of these group of people, who are very passionate about what they do, and who have made a great impact. So whatever it is that you've been doing, I'm proud of you."

By Dom Holiday - December 16, 2022

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