Lola Amour releases new single "dahan-dahan"

OPM indie band Lola Amour releases their last single for 2022 titled "dahan-dahan" which is out under Warner Music Philippines.

The song talks about two people who have fallen in and out of love so many times that it starts feeling like an elaborate dance. It’s familiar yet new each time, but it also makes you question whether you’re going along with fate or against it.

“Our songs usually fill up your senses. A wall of sound, if you will. But with “dahan-dahan,” though it does get heavy at times, there’s a refreshing amount of space. It's a song that isn't tiring to listen to,” shared Raymond King, Lola Amour’s bassist.

Lola Amour's popularity is still booming even after their live version of Fallen that went viral on Tiktok last year. The band is also on their Fallen Concert Tour still happening in different parts of the Philippines.

By Dom Holiday - October 19, 2022

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