Nicky Youre Got his Eyes On You

"Sunroof" hitmaker Nicky Youre has released his latest single titled Eyes On You.

This track finds Nicky describing what it feels like to be completely infatuated with someone at first glance.

"I wrote this song after a special person in my life moved to California." Nicky says. "We were finally in the same state, and it felt so good to be close to them.

The weekend before I wrote it, I had gone to a country concert and was inspired by how fun and energetic country songs can be, as well as how full they feel live.

I wanted to try to capture those feelings with this song. The combination of those two events was enough for me to write a fun love song you can sing in your car or scream along with all of your friends at a concert."

"Eyes on You" is Nicky's follow up to his viral single Sunroof which currently has over half a billion streams accross all platforms. The track spent 11 consecutive weeks in the Top 10 on Billboard’s Hot 100 while peaked at #4.

Thanks to the success of "Sunroof", Nicky earned his first ever nomination at the 2022 MTV VMA's for "Song of the Summer". He also made his television debut on the Today Show thanks to the viral hit. 

Before his rise to stardom, Nicky used to work for Dell Technologies before he graduated from college. 

After quitting his job to become a musician, Nicky wrote "Sunroof" which captures "the feeling of excitement you get when you meet someone that you can't stop thinking about." He wanted it to be fun and energetic but still easy to listen to."

"When I meet someone like this, the thought of them is like an itch in my brain that I can't scratch," he added. "So I wanted the song to be catchy so it sticks in your head just like when you're stuck thinking about someone."

Indeed, all eyes are on Nicky Youre in 2023!

By Dom Holiday - December 20, 2022

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