SUD kicks off nationwide Dumaloy Album Tour

Last October 9, alternative rock and soul band SUD kicked off their Dumaloy Album Tour at Cafe Lupe in Antipolo and it was well received by their fans and music lovers alike. 

This tour was worth the wait because according to the saxophonist of the group Caloy , "Dumaloy was released during  very difficult time for the industry, we knew we had to carefully plan when to get the tour under way -even if that meant we had to hold-out for a while until everything made sense.”

The Dumaloy Album Tour is SUD's first ever album tour and also serves as a perfect opportunity to promote their focus single "Baliw".

Joining the Dumaloy Album Tour are Arthur Miguel, Jikamarie and Mayonnaise.

When asked what the band has both missed and what they’re all looking-forward-to the most, Caloy shares: “it’s not just the performances and the shows, but the time in-between those shows that we are definitely excited about – when organizers take us around their respective towns so we can immerse ourselves in their culture, and when we get to just hang out with each other in general: because SUD is more than just a band at this point: we really do enjoy being around each other, even if we sometimes get on each others’ nerves,” he laughs. “But hey – that’s what a family is.”

By Dom Holiday - October 19, 2022

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